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Positive Results


Championing Residents Views

In 2008, following the decision of the Scottish Government to end tolling on the Forth Road Bridge, the toll plaza area at South Queensferry had to be remodelled to create a standard sliproad junction.  QDCC consulted residents on the future of the plaza and made representations to FETA that resulted in the toll canopy being demolished as part of the remodelling works.  QDCC also liaised with the Forth Road authority during the works to communicate details of closures and restrictions to the local community.




Promoting Queensferry To Visitors

QDCC worked with Transport Scotland during the Forth Crossing Bill process to seek to capitalize on increased visitor numbers to the area during the construction of the Forth Replacement Crossing.  After much discussion and consultation, Transport Scotland decided to build a permanent building to host the Contact & Education Centre for the construction of the new bridge.  The building will be used for community liaison and educational visits during the construction period of the new bridge, offering a legacy potential to create a high quality Forth Bridges visitor centre after the bridge opens in 2016.  The building will also become the new home of Traffic Scotland, the national trunk road operating agency.  Originally the Contact & Education Centre was to be a temporary building of re-locatable units within the south construction compound. 



The Housing Advice Roadshow poster can be downloaded here