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Who We Are

QDCC has a maximum of nine elected representatives and up to six nominated representatives proposed by local interest groups. Community Officers from Police Scotland regularly attend meetings.

These are joined by the four Almond Ward councillors.

Current membership as of 30th September 2017:


Elected Members

Keith Giblett Chair
Terry Airlie Vice Chair & Correspondence Secretary
Diane Job Treasurer & Planning/Housing Convenor
Grant Sangster Transport Convenor & Forth Replacement Crossing
David Flint Education Convenor, Rosebery Hall & Safety Forum
June Jansen  Environmental Convenor
Graeme McKinley Communications
Anne Mitchell  
Jennifer Garner Minute Secretary (Co-opted)

Nominated Members

Fiona Duncan Queensferry Boat Club
Maggie Quayle Port Edgar Yacht Club
Neil McKinley Queensferry Rotary Club
Eleanor Sneddon Queensferry Heritage Trust
Carolyn McDonald Queensferry High School Parent Council
Gillian Smith Queensferry Churches Care in the Community

Associate Members

PC Aidan Douds

PC Jim Kelly

Police Scotland
Laura Sexton Advisor to the Council

Ex-Officio Members

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Cllr Kevin Lang Almond Ward Councillor Scottish Liberals
Cllr Louise Young Almond Ward Councillor Scottish Liberals
Cllr Graham Hutchinson Almond Ward Councillor Scottish Conservatives
Cllr Norman Work Almond Ward Councillor Scottish National Party