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Council Business


 QDCC Convenors and Sub-Committees

The community council appoints Convenors to oversee the work on a specific area or issue.  Topics include transport, planning, environment, tourism, health, housing, recreation and education.

Transport and Planning Convenors are supported by sub-committees of QDCC members to deal with and progress issues outside of the monthly business meetings and to liaise with external stakeholders eg, developers, transport authorities etc.
Sub-Committees can be convened for set periods on specific issues or developments if required eg, Forth Crossing Bill, City Budget Bid etc.

The role of QDCC members is to seek out and champion the views of local residents and bring matters of importance to the attention of the community council.To work in the best interest of the community by progressing such issues with the relevant authorities or agencies, with the support and backing of the community council. To support the office-bearers ensuring that work is shared across the community council membership and not placed excessively with the office-bearers.

QDCC members responsibilities are to comply with the Edinburgh Community Councillors’ Code of Conduct. Collective responsibility to ensure the community council complies with the Scheme, Constitution and Standing Orders. Collectively ensure monthly business meetings are conducted efficiently and in a business-like manner by keeping discussions on topic and following the directions of the Chair.

QDCC meets on the fourth Monday of every month from January to November at 7.30pm in the Burgh Chambers under the museum on the High Street, South Queensferry.

Notice of all meetings is given by the issuing of an agenda by the Minute Secretary 7 days before the meeting takes place. Monthly business meetings feature reports from the office- bearers, ward councillors, convenors and a police report. Decisions of the community council are made by the presenting of a Motion which must be seconded. Where a Motion contrary to one already tabled is presented, the decision will be made by a simple majority vote of the members.Only elected and nominated community council members may vote or move motions.