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Dalmeny Station Parking Survey

In response to difficulties identified to us by passengers and residents relating to parking matters, we collected opinions on Dalmeny Station throughout July 2013. The objectives were to measure satisfaction levels with the present scheme and gather suggestions on how access to the station might be better managed in the future. The exercise was quite timely, with emerging plans for the former Agilent site and various other developments which are possible around Queensferry. The survey output serves as a record of public views at the time and will be used by QDCC to ensure local feelings are accurately reflected.

The results from the surveys have been compiled into a report which can be downloaded by clicking on the link below.

Dalmeny Station Survey Report

The headlines are that a lot of people are unhappy about what happens when the car park become full but this only discourages a few people from bringng cars to the station. The proposal for Agilent provides extra off-street parking to accommodate little more than the present demand. A new connection between Scotstoun Avenue and Station Road will not result in a large number of current drivers choosing to walk instead. Under the existing arrangements, any increase in rail travel popularity will result in cars being parked on Rosshill Terrace, Ashburnham Loan, Station View and around the new units or houses in Agilent. This pattern re-traces events since the car park was last extended 10 years ago. Before limiting the size of the station car park forever, a plan to predict and cope with additional passenger demand is required.

A big thank you to all who took the trouble to respond to the survey. Also to Queensferry Ambition for use of their SurveyMonkey account and City of Edinburgh Council for allowing their facilities to be used to distribute and collect forms.