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As one of the decentralisation measures announced by the Government during the passage of the Local Government etc (Scotland) Act 1994, community councils will have a statutory right to be consulted on applications for planning permission from April 1996.

Some documents of interest can be downloaded using the links below. More comprehensive details on all planning applications can be viewed using the City of Edinburgh Council's Planning Portal here.

Guidelines on which aspects you can comment are on the planning portal link.

Current major planning applications/information

• Craigiehall Village proposed development - 18/10545/PPP comments to planning by 24th Feb 2019

Design & access statement click here 

The Master plan is indicative but the development is envisaged to consist of: 
• 1,200 residential units 
• 100 bed Hotel
• 120 bed Care Home 
• 7,000 sqm Neighbourhood Centre
• 4,000 sqm Community facilities (Doctors/Dentist, etc) 
• Primary School 
• Park & Ride facility

•South Scotstoun - Application granted 21st March 2018. Item 7.1 on the webcast viewable here.

The latest planning application 16/06280/FUL  was granted on 21st March 2018. Submitted paper available here. 

•Dalmeny Park - site completion due by June 2018

The planning approved layout which shows that the route through the site at the current Barratt showhome location will be closed at some point before site completion in June 2018. Plan here.

•Queensferry Primary School class extensions - Application granted 8th Feb 2018 - work commenced.

Planning Ref : 17/04809/FUL - comments on planning portal by Friday 24th November 2017.

Drop in information session Wed 11th Oct 2017 in the QP school hall 6:00pm-7:30pm. Open to all public.

•Queensferry High School build -  Application granted 29th Jan 2018. Works started 30th April 2018. Expected completion March 2020.

Morrison Construction Newsletter Dec18 

Morrison Construction Newsletter Apr18

Traffic Management from Apr18 

Planning ref 17/04262/FUL

Plans submitted include the requested independent community access, 6 lane swimming pool, steam room, sauna and many other leisure facilities. Capacity for 1200 pupils.

•Builyeon Road Development -  PPP (principle) application granted 21st Feb 2018 with conditions set.

Planning ref 16/01797/PPP. - Approved (principle). Detailed plan, transport assessment, placemaking exercise and public consulation required prior to the full application.

Indicative master plans for the proposed Builyeon Road Development.




•West Dalmeny Development - Work commenced

Planning Ref : 16/05995/FUL - Granted 11 Oct 2017 - Work commenced

• Ferrymuir 44 units 4 storey accommodation - granted 21 May 2018 - work commenced.

Planning ref 17/00301/FUL

•Ferrymuir (Corus site) - PPP granted Oct 2015; 18/08266/AMC Application submitted 

Residential development application. 

Application for ammendment submitted 31st Aug 2018. 18/05713/FUL

Detailed application for 125 dwellings 18/08266/AMC submitted 3rd Oct 2018 (Closing date for comment 29th Oct 2018). Design Brief here

• Commercial unit in Dalmeny Park  - 18/08606/FUL Application submitted

Design & Access Statement 


Community Enterprise opportunity - Ferrymuir 


Launch document


Preliminary information form


Location map


Site plan


• Update: Press release Dec 2018 - Applications now closed 






Older Applications/Information

Conservation Area Appraisal Document

The Queensferry Conservation Area Character Appraisal Report which will be considered by CEC's Planning Committee on 26 February 2015 can be downloaded here

Second Proposed Local Development Plan

The LDP Community Briefing presentation from December 2017 can be downloaded here

There was a public meeting arranged by QDCC about LDP2 on the evening of Monday 22 September 2014 in Queensferry High School. A poster can be downloaded here

The full LDP2 document can be downloaded here

The education appraisal can be downloaded here

The transport assessment can be downloaded here

The CEC Planning Committee minutes from 19 June 2014 can be downloaded here

The main Services for Communities Director's report for the meeting on 19 June can be downloaded here

A map accompanying the report presented to CEC Planning Committee on 19 June can be downloaded here

Representations made against the original LDP (1) and also presented to CEC Planning Committee on 19 June can be downloaded here

A presentation by the Head of Planning can be downloaded here

Volume 1 of the environmental report can be downloaded here

Volume 2 of the environmental report can be downloaded here

Addendum to Volume 2 of the environmental report can be downloaded here

The Action Programme can be downloaded here

Frequently asked questions can be downloaded here

Guidance notes on how to complete the representation form can be downloaded here

A pdf version of the representation form can be downloaded here

A Microsoft Word version of the representation form can be downloaded here

An file containing all the QDCC representations can be downloaded here
Current Documents

Taylor Wimpey PAC Report

Taylor Wimpey Proposed Site Layout (South Scotstoun Development)

Taylor Wimpey Exhibition Poster

Shaping the Future of Queensferry (2014 Study)

Agilent Site Layout 18 November 2013








Archived Documents



West Charette Pt 1

West Charette Pt 2