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Forth Crossing

The Forth Replacement Crossing (FRC) is a major infrastructure construction project for Scotland, intended to safeguard a vital connection in the road network. A new crossing was deemed necessary to replace the Forth Road Bridge following discovery of cable corrision which suggested limited capability in the near future. After completion of the FRC, the Forth Road Bridge will only remain open for journeys made on foot, by bicycle or on registered buses and taxis.
The October 2013 newsletter from FCBC can be downloaded here.
Copies of letters which inform nearby residents of disruption can be found on this link.
If you are interested in the changes to traffic volume and HGV numbers on Builyeon Road resulting from the new slip roads on junction 1A of the M9, data from the counter just east of Newton can be downloaded fom the link here.The slip roads opened in February 2013.
This map shows the locations of southern traffic counters which are being monitored by Transport Scotland during construction of the bridge.
You can see the speed of traffic on Builyeon Road during May and June 2012 by downloading these eastbound and westbound files. Traffic speed was recorded by equipment provided by City of Edinburgh Council which also displayed a warning to drivers of vehicles travelling over 30 mph. In terms of vehicle count, the results are inconsistent with the Newton monitor but the speed equipment is probably less accurate for this purpose.


B800 Ferrymuir-Echline General Layout

B800 Ferrymuir Detail

B800 Echline Detail

B800 Paving at Ferrymuir

B800 Paving at Echline

CH2M Traffic Impact Assessment - April 2015

Queensferry Gyratory North Merge

Queensferry Gyratory North Diverge

Queensferry Gyratory South Merge

Queensferry Gyratory South Diverge

Echline Corner Junction

Builyeon Rd Phase 1

Builyeon Rd Phase 2

Builyeon Rd Phase 3





Network Rail Community Update Issue 1 (August 2014)



B800 Closure